North Country Craft | Woodburning and Watercolors
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Established in September of 2016, North Country Craft is the creative endeavor of Erin Welch.

Based out of Duluth, Minnesota, there is a certain type of solace found living next to Lake Superior—a pseudo ocean filled with an endless supply of inspiration. Just as the seasons change and bring about new landscapes to explore, my work reflects this constant fluctuation of inspiration. I’m a designer, wood burner, illustrator, painter, photographer, and just all-around creative. I will give any creative tool a spin if the inspiration calls and I believe in allowing oneself to continually grow and expand ideas across different mediums. When I’m not creating, I can be found wandering the shores of Lake Superior, singing along with strangers at a live show, or dreaming of the next time I can strap on my scuba fins and dive down with some sharks. 


April 27 | Hoops Brewing with Superior Artisans| 11am – 3pm


However large or small, from a handcrafted cribbage board, to the rebranding of your business, to logo design, or capturing special moments, I approach each project with careful consideration to bring your story to life. Each business, brand and person tells a story—I’m here to help you tell yours.

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