I’ve always been drawn to things that spark creativity and I thrive when I can let my imagination flow. I am a born & raised Minnesotan who is forever drawn to the Caribbean. I am a sketchbook collector, ocean lover, and will forever love being a barefoot child in the rain. I pull inspiration from all around me and am particularly drawn to the way light dances its way through nature — whether it’s a show of northern lights painting itself across the sky above or the way sunlight breaks through the surface of the sea below, there is magic throughout this world if you just keep an eye out.

Based out of Duluth, Minnesota, I find solace living by Lake Superior—my pseudo ocean—and find an endless supply of inspiration exploring the North Country. I enjoy simple things in life and love to bring joy to people through my handmade creations. Whether it’s a wood burned cribbage board for a cozy cabin night or a flowing watercolor scene, the way in which I create each piece by hand lends each to be its own unique work of art.


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